With a tradition of over three hundred and thirty years, Merck, a multinational corporation based in Germany, is today the World’s oldest pharmaceuticals and chemicals company, operating globally in 61 countries with research & development and production facilities spread across Europe, Americas and Asia.

At Merck, we subscribe strongly to the importance of innovation for the long-term development of our company. We believe this applies to a country equally. Whilst, innovation can be instituted in many different ways and forms, it is generally viewed that research often forms the seed for future innovations. We strongly believe in the joy of discovery. All the more so, after the acquisition of Millipore, a leading company in the life science industry.

As a corporate citizen of the country, Merck Millipore wants to encourage research development in Singapore, particularly home-grown researches in areas of national interest – thus culminating in the launching of the Merck Millipore Young Scientist Award (MMYSA).

MMYSA initiative is intended to complement the Singapore government’s aspiration to spur the advancement in local biosciences knowledge, to encourage broader participation amongst young scientists especially in the field of biosciences research and to give due recognitions to biosciences research excellence in the country.

Judging & Selection

  • 5 Candidates will be short-listed based on the originality and quality of their publications
  • Short-listed candidates will be required to make an oral presentation before the panel of judges
  • The presentation of the award will be held in an award ceremony on September 2012
  • The decision of the panel judges is final
  • Merck Millipore reserves the right to vary the terms & conditions of the awards at is absolute discretion without prior notice

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