Rules & Regulations

  • Open to all students doing their postgraduate studies (MSC or PhD) of any institution of higher learning in Singapore, in Year 2010 or 2011. Students have to be currently doing their postgraduate studies – i.e. must not have graduated from date of submission of papers till end April 2012.
  • Papers submitted must be published or accepted for publication in a scientific journal in Year 2011, in the following research fields:
    Systems Biology or Neurosciences
  • It is not necessary that the candidate cite Merck Millipore products in his/her publication
  • Each candidate is allowed to submit only one application
  • Application must be endorsed by the research project supervisor, head of department or dean
  • Application must be submitted together with the publication and official MMYSA 2011 entry form, via post to Merck Pte Ltd OR E-mail to For papers which have been accepted for publication in 2011, please also attach a copy of the approval notice as a proof of its future publication.
  • Entry form can be downloaded from here or
  • Dateline of submission: 30th April 2012. Incomplete forms, late entries or candidates that do not meet the entry requirements will be disqualified.